Sunday, August 19, 2007

Raza's Universe

“Painting is something alive as human beings in its different manifestations… it is a vital process of becoming. Just imagine how fascinating it is that the seed contains the total inherent forces of a plant, of animal life, and so on and so forth. And that could be the same process in Form too!”

Raza's Universe

If art is a language that transcends the physical then no one speaks it more coherently than Raza through his work. Observing Raza is like being audience to a deaf and mute couple interacting through sign language and sharing emotion , you have evidence of communication but you are far from deciphering it. Watching how Raza uses simple form and colors to create intricate masterful artifacts seems like he holds back a secret, a secret to the universe which is unknown to most. There seems to be an inherent order and theme in the communication which is palpable but not decipherable. The canvases look like torn pieces from a vastly larger fabric of a parallel limitless universe.

Raza calls his work a result of two parallel enquiries aimed at a 'pure plastic order' and 'the theme of nature' respectively. Both converge into a single point and become inseparable - the Bindu. In the late 70s, he focused on pure geometrical forms; his images were improvisations on an essential theme: that of the mapping out of a metaphorical space in the mind. To quote Raza, "As far as my work is concerned, I am coming to crystallization of a potent symbolism in its simplicity and elasticity. The process is continual and through elimination, my means are getting more and more economical and I am looking at my destination without the superfluous
and the unnecessary."

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