Monday, August 13, 2007

Distorted Scale

Distorted Scale
When the physical attributes of an object are scaled does that new scale affects the physiological impact the object has on the onlooker? We all know bigger is better but is bigger really big or is it small in its conclusion. The conclusion being what the mind retains after the experience is long over. This question has troubled me for years before I chanced about these series of sculptures by Don Mueck. Does the sculpture of the couple look more insecure because they are smaller or if they were actual scale. Does the scaled up boy squatting look more lost in a small space or less? Does scale distort or amplify or shrink the emotive message behind the object. What in Don Mueck’S sculptures makes them haunting and unforgettable? Is it the copious amounts of plastic used in their manufacturing, the keenness to detail in replication or amplification of emotion
through distortion of scale?

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Anjalika said...

this is great. where is this exhibition?